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So what the heck is 'Reformer Pilates'

So what the heck is Reformer Pilates - the first instalment there's so much to tell and its hard for me not to get overexcited, so lets start at the beginning

Footwork - if you've been to my mat classes you'll have heard and done some form of this before, normally at the beginning and standing upright, well these exercises actually originate from the reformer, they look a bit like lazy horizontal squats except the springs attached to the carriage add resistance and some serious oomph and it doesn't take long before those legs and feet start to feel it.

The different positions of the foot require different parts of the legs and body to work as well as working the feet in all different ways. It’s like workout reflexology. Its a fab way to get warm, but it also tells me so so much about what's going on with your body, your feet, ankles, knees, hips and even your torso

As well as warming you up and giving me an insight into how you're moving, footwork also helps to build strength and mobility in your ankles, knees and hips.

The refomer and footwork can help with so many different things from rehabilitating an injury to boosting performance in your favourite sport!!

Watch out for my 2nd geeky instalment - 'Feet in straps' - its movement meditation

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